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Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process…

Our recruitment philosophy is to utilize best practices in Kenya to create a simple, yet intuitive recruitment and search process. Because of our extensive network, we have access to a large pool of job applicants – a benefit to our clients. Each recruitment is customized to the specific needs of the client.  Throughout the recruiting process, we review and discuss progress with the client.  We follow a simple but thorough series of steps to ensure the ideal candidate is identified.

Our 4-Step Recruiting Process includes:
  1. Call or Email with Your Request

    We discuss the recruitment opportunity with the client to understand the details, implications and important aspects of each role.  In this initial step, our in-depth needs assessment establishes position criteria and sets expectations and a timetable for the overall recruiting process.   Additionally, we seek to understand the culture of the company in general as well as individual department dynamics.  This initial consultation process affords us a very thorough understanding of the role and the individual who would best fit the opportunity.   Our research includes market and industry analysis and prospective sourcing targets.

  2. Recruiting and Screening

    Candidates undergo a thorough technical and behavioral interview process.  Our recruiters are uniquely experienced – most have held senior level positions in their area of expertise and intimately understand the roles for which they recruit.  Therefore, we ask questions to determine each candidate’s technical competence, work style, ability to deal with challenges and corporate cultural fit.  We ask direct questions regarding the candidate’s previous work experiences, reasons for leaving each role, salary history and career aspirations.  Before candidates are presented we complete a comprehensive reference check.  We utilize our extensive network in the business community to conduct a comprehensive reference.  This enables us to provide our client with an unbiased assessment of each candidate.

  3. Presentation

    We only present the top candidates who best fit the position, department and company culture.  This approach saves our clients valuable time and essentially money.  After a comprehensive screening and qualification of each candidate, we present a high level overview of the candidate’s skills and aptitude.

  4. Offer Facilitation

    Understanding that the offer stage is critical, we help the candidate evaluate the tangible and intangible benefits on offer including salary, medical benefits, bonuses, other non-cash awards, travel considerations, work life balance and career positioning strategy. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition from candidate to employee.  We work to facilitate the best outcome and result for all.


It’s a simple recruitment process.

1. Call or email us with your request.
2. We will come to your office or you can visit us and we can discuss your recruitment needs in length
3. Presentation. We will only present you with the best candidate upon screening.



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