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Why Us


Our Candidates

Candidates must hold valid passports before we accept them onto our database.

All our potential recruits are educated to an appropriate level, with relevant professional qualifications and experience. At the most basic level, all candidates will hold the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education; most have more advanced qualifications.

All candidates are fluent in English. Most are bi- or trilingual, also speaking Kiswahili and their tribal language. Some have a working knowledge of Arabic.

All candidates must pass basic medical tests with an approved doctor before we accept them onto our database, including tests for Aids/HIV, TB and hepatitis.


Our International Service

Should you wish to conduct interviews in Kenya, we provide free pick-up and drop-off from Mombasa International Airport to our office and to your hotel.

We can arrange your hotel bookings, in a quality hotel (please specify four- or five-star), and if your time permits we can arrange sightseeing trips in the Mombasa area, from tours of Fort Jesus and Old Town to day safaris in the Shimba Hills National Park.

Should you wish an extended stay, we will recommend a local travel agent who can make all the necessary arrangements.

Household Staff

Key Resource has many Household staff on the database, or combinations of staff. For example, you may require a person that can Drive and also Garden.

Housekeepers are required to complete questionnaires on cleaning, laundry, children and basic cooking skills.

Ayahs, complete a questionnaire on babies and toddlers. All are required to have a minimum of 2 years experience in a household with children.

Gardeners complete a questionnaire on pruning, lawn mowers e.t.c. They are required to have 2 years experience working in a compound or at a household.

Cooks/Chefs are required to complete a questionnaire on food knowledge, hygiene and recipes. This enables us to see the level and type of cooking a person has done.

Drivers are checked for whether they have a clean Driver’s license, Code of Good Conduct, Defensive driving experience and have a record of no accidents. We are unable to test the driving, but through the questionnaire and references, we are able to filter out the Drivers with little experience.


Professional Specialists

Job roles may range from Accounting, Logistics and Procurement, Software Engineering, jobs in the Medical Industry, Education Industry and so on.

Depending on which job an employer wishes to fill, Summit Recruitment and Training will ensure that a specific test is given to the candidates and tailored to their particular role.

These tests usually take 1 to 3 hours and are extremely thorough.
This ensures the employer is only interviewing a relevant section of hand-picked candidates.

All our candidates are thoroughly reference checked and are interviewed personally.

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